What if You Picked Your REALTOR® Like Your Boyfriend?

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What if You Picked Your REALTOR® Like Your Boyfriend?

We often talk about people’s qualities when we are discussing who we would and would not date or marry, but it isn’t as common when talking about hiring a real estate agent. If you think about it, it really isn’t all that different either…

Would you date someone that didn’t feel like the right fit for you or your family? If you are not connecting well or seeing eye to eye with someone right away, chances are things won’t turn out well. It’s the same with choosing the right agent for you.
It goes without saying that we should consider more carefully the type of person a real estate agent is before we buy or sell the most expensive thing in our lives.
Just like a great partner, a great REALTOR® will be empathetic, understanding of our situations and will be a good listener. He/she will listen to your needs and help you meet them.

Perhaps different form a life partner however, is that a good agent will advise you what they think is the best choice, but ultimately do what you tell them to. Most are surprised to know that an agent, as long as he/she wants to work with you, is bound to follow your lawful direction – your spouse unfortunately, is not.

A few other positive characteristics to look for are:

  • That they take the time to truly understand what you are telling him/her
  • That they are not condescending or aloof
  • They provide thoughtful analysis and feedback
  • They are not pushy about getting their own way
  • They put your best interests first

Ultimately, a good agent, like a good partner, puts you first. It isn’t about what they get out of it, but rather that your needs are met. When you meet ‘the one’ you should feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough – ‘a real keeper’.

We can’t help you with your dating problems, but we can help you find a top local REALTOR®!

In fact, the struggle to find the best REALTOR® is one reason why many referral agencies have grown in popularity – as would be home buyers and sellers seek to connect with the best local REALTOR®, not just any REALTOR®.