People hire us to broker relationships between high integrity REALTORS® and themselves. REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but hiring the right REALTOR® is priceless.

Two Paths to Your High Integrity REALTOR®

#1: Pro Referral Service

We compare the many referral agencies online claiming to connect buyers and sellers to top REALTORS®, and weed out the majority of them that don’t care about you. Then you are matched to a professional agency that are not only experts at vetting REALTORS®, but also matching them to your specific needs.

#2: Hire Our CEO

This is a premium service where Craig MacDonald opens up his heart and calendar to personally find two high integrity REALTORS® for your consideration. Once he tests their integrity, performance and interviews them over Skype, you receive a written report.
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Craig MacDonald CEO & REALTOR®

Craig MacDonald, CEO
REALTOR® – Mac Homes Inc.

Homebuyers and sellers hire me to broker relationships between high integrity REALTORS® and themselves. Because most people are not equipped to vet an agent properly, they often hire REALTORS® that don’t put their interests first, costing them untold thousands.

So I help match their specific needs to a REALTOR® that can provide peace of mind while their real estate dreams come true. You are safe with me.

“Bottom line, REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but hiring the right REALTOR® is priceless.”

Integrity is the most sought after quality in a REALTOR®. The importance of hiring a real estate professional who does what is right, even when it does not benefit them, cannot be overstated. 

When I first became a REALTOR® I remember being taken aback at how many stories of terrible agents I was hearing. From lying, to not communicating, to doing and saying anything to close a deal. Homeowners came second, simply because they hired the wrong REALTOR®. Hiring the right REALTOR® can be simple. Today, you can come first.

Thinking the grass was ‘greener’ on the other side, I began working as a Residential Assessor (Home Appraisal) for the government. For 5 years I learned about home valuation and felt I was able to give back and help homeowners, until one email in 2017 changed my life forever.

The email originated from head office and stated that renovations would be added to thousands of properties, causing spikes in property taxes, all without confirming the renovations even existed (and all behind closed doors). It’s hard to describe what I was feeling in that moment, but I knew I couldn’t work for an employer that was consciously choosing to put homeowners last and their pocketbooks first.

After some hard decisions, I quit my position in protest, spoke out publicly and published an article, “Quitting For Character. It Was Just Time.”, that was featured by CBC News and on the radio. While this was not an easy time, it helped me remember the reason I first became a REALTOR® and why I wanted to be a government assessor – to help homeowners and to ensure they came first.

As they say, ‘the rest is history’, but it was out of these circumstances that RealAgents.com was founded. There are tens of thousands of high integrity agents out there, but it’s not as easy to find them as you’d think. In fact, I challenge you to find a free service online that delivers more value and peace of mind than mine. You are one wrong hire away from a REALTOR® that puts you last, causing you to lose untold thousands of dollars and the peace of mind you deserve. I want to help!

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Bottom line, REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but the right REALTOR® is priceless.