How To Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Home

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Now that we understand the impact even our homes can have on the environment more owners are trying to make their home “green” as well. Hoping that this will reduce their carbon footprint and be kinder to the environment. There are small changes you can make to take the first steps to going green like swapping all the bulbs in the home to energy efficient bulbs, or installing water saving devices on faucets. Even collecting rain water to water your garden. However, we’ve listed what you can do to make the space more earth-friendly.

4 Ways To Make Your Home A “Green” Space

Swap Your Regular Appliances For Energy Efficient Ones

Find energy efficient appliance with an “a” rating as these are proven to significantly reduce your households energy needs. Almost all major appliances have a greener alternative that doesn’t only use less energy but also uses less water. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue with practices that are known to save energy like washing your clothes in cold water or only doing full loads.

Replace Your Old Bulbs With New Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Simply replacing your old energy hungry bulbs with energy efficient bulbs can save you (and the environment) quite a bit. You should also try to remember to switch off lights when they’re not in use as this is the easiest way to start going green.

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Collect Rainwater To Water The Garden

Rainwater can be used for many things – but start by using it in the garden to water your plants or your vegetables. Once you get into the habit of collecting and storing rain water you’ll find that their are other uses as well. But, if you can’t think of anything else simply share your water with neighbors so they don’t use drinking water to water their plants.

Consider Solar Heating

If its in your budget you may want to get solar panels. But first check with a solar panel company and see if you’re able to have the panels installed. This may save you money on electrical bills and could allow you to sell electricity back to the grid if you produce enough.

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Save Money While You’re Going Green

Besides the aforementioned tips there are small things you can do to help you save money while going green. Start by using a fan instead of an air-conditioner, you can get mist fans that’ll probably do a great job at keeping your space cool. You could also hang your clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer when the weather is warm. Simple changes like these will help you save a few extra dollars a month, and who couldn’t use a few extra dollars.