Why Should I Even Use a REALTOR®? (Video)

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Hire A Realtor

Connecting with a great REALTOR® can be a huge asset as you dive into the world of buying and selling homes. It will not only decrease the time it takes to buy or sell a new home, but will offer many other benefits such as saving you time, money, energy. Not to mention giving you peace of mind that you have a real estate expert advocating for your best interests!

The 4 Most Important Benefits a REALTOR® Offers Are:

  1. Potentially saving you hours on the computer, looking for your next home.
    • We all love spending time on MLS® house hunting, but your agent has more powerful tools to search with, can narrow down properties easily and can even see properties before they hit the market. They also have access to all the other REALTORS® buyers who may be looking for your home – a distinct advantage to going it alone with a private sale.
  2. Prevent unnecessary trips to properties that you think will be great.
    • Most agents have been in numerous homes in your community, and they may know something about the property, the owner or their situation that would have you running the opposite direction and not wasting your time going to see. Real estate is what they do for a living, trust us, the good ones will do a better job than you!
  3. Save you money. There are lots of studies that show a REALTOR® negotiates better prices than if one goes without a real estate salesperson.
    • Your agent only gets paid if they sell or buy a new home, so there is incentive for them to work hard for you and make a deal.
  4. There are exponentially more legally situations that arise through private sales or with buyers who represent themselves in a real estate transaction.
    • A good REALTOR® can not only steer you away from potential legal pitfalls, but can also recommend how to ensure you know everything possible about the property and the owners before even putting an offer on the table.

A great real estate salesperson will always put your best interests first and unless you are an expert in the industry, it makes sense to have someone who knows what to look for, understands your local market and has the time to be looking for your next dream home or potential buyers!

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