Why a Zoning Conscious REALTOR® is Essential! (Video)

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Not sure what zoning is? Click here.

An important area to consider is how informed your REALTOR® is with zoning regulations. Remember, if your zoning problem is intricate, it doesn’t matter how experienced your agent is, you should confirm with the local zoning office. They have the final word.

Assumptions are on real estate’s worst enemies.

I’d like to think that most REALTORS® would not personally guarantees any zoning questions before you purchase a property, but certainly be mindful of this. REALTORS® shouldn’t guarantee zoning facts without really knowing, simply because they are looking to close a deal (all agents are really not all like this, we can help you find a good one). Zoning surprises may be your worst nightmare.

These five examples are all projects that were either wasted or couldn’t be realized all because zoning wasn’t checked.

Five common examples are:

  1. Buying a home to start a business.
  2. Buying a bungalow with the intentions of turning it into a two storey.
  3. Building an apartment in the basement and finding out you cannot rent it.
  4. Buying a home with the intentions of building your dream pool, garage or tool shed.
  5. Buying a home with acreage and assuming that you can have horses on your land.

Agents that carelessly make promises without recommending you check with the zoning office before purchasing should be avoided. This is all the more reason to call REALTOR® references (preferably those who that REALTOR® has not given you the names of) and make sure you are hiring a conscientious agent who will put your clients first.

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