4 Of The Best Vintage Design Trends For Your Kitchen

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4 Of The Best Vintage Design Trends For Your Kitchen

Vintage looks are making a comeback. Homeowners are swapping their sleek modern kitchens for designs reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. The key with this design trend is to balance modern touches with vintage flare. If everything is vintage it may look as though you’re actually living in the 60’s. To help you achieve this balance we’ve curated some of the best tips to evoke this trend in your home.

#1 Period Flooring

The standard white tile is out and so is hardwood. Instead to create a vintage feel in your home use colored tiles. You can simply add black-and-white linoleum as well as a variety of colors and textures to create the perfect vintage look. Include red and cream tile, checkerboard black and white and speckled flooring. Anything that reminds you of that era. Just don’t overdo it. Having a 225 ft colorful tiling area can make your kitchen dated – quickly.

#2: Use Pastels In Everything From Accessories To Major Appliances

Pastels were the main color of the 1950s – they dominated that era’s designs. Now they’ve become synonymous with a retro American diner. What made design stand out in this era is their love for using various core colors in the kitchen. These combinations included:

  • soft pink and sea foam green
  • soft pink and buttery yellow
  • Lime green with cream white
  • Robin’s egg blue and mint

You can add touches of pastel to your accessories, walls or curtains. Dish towels and other fabrics are also great ways to incorporate these colors into your kitchen.

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#3 Use Retro Design Appliances

As this trend continues to gain momentum so do the manufacturers that make them. You can now get a retro fridge, dishwasher and even smaller appliances like toasters, microwaves and blenders in a retro finish.There is no need to give up your modern-day efficiency to have vintage appliances. Allowing you to incorporate the vintage look without foregoing modern conveniences.

#4 Add Vintage Wallpapers To Your Backsplash

Vintage wallpaper reflects a bygone era in an interesting, fun way and look great added to a backsplash or as an accent. If you’d like a 50’s look try a polka dot patterned wallpaper. For a look straight from the 1960s, redo your kitchen walls with a busy print. Or, try repetitive geometric designs in bright colors like turquoise and pink.

The vintage trend has really taken off. These nostalgic designs are most popular in the kitchen, as you ‘re able to get modern conveniences with a vintage feel. Most of the style trends also feel timeless enough that your kitchen won’t be dated in a few years.