4 Home Seller No-No's That Would Even Turn Santa Away!

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4 Mistakes That Will Make Potential Buyers Leave Your Home

Selling a house in any market can be challenging, sellers have to juggle their own needs with the interests of buyer’s which leads to a number of listings stalling. But this can be avoided if sellers heed advice on their selling strategy going forward. It all starts with avoiding these 4 mistakes.

The 4 Mistakes You’re Making That Will Turn Buyers Away:

Overpricing Your Home

Your home probably is a place full of memories, moments and milestones that make it priceless to you. But for a buyer this sentimental value doesn’t justify a higher asking price. Realism is the order of the day if you’d like to sell your property. Be aware of what’s happening in the market and particularly in your area and vicinity. You should also be honest with yourself about your home’s shortcomings. If you need guidance speak to a real estate agent who’ll help you price your home competitively.

Ignoring Foul Odors

Your home probably smells like you, and in some cases the 4 legged residents that call it home. These odors while they’re common to you can be a serious put off for buyers. Instead of losing sales because of odors simply ensure your home always has ample fresh air. Smoke outside and place scented candles around your home to combat lingering smells. Don’t be too lazy to do some extensive cleaning if any odors remain.

Curb Appeal – Or Lack Thereof

Overgrown yards with piles of trash or junk in the front will cause any potential buyer to drive right by your home. Peeling paint is another glaringly obvious deterrent. To give your home the curb appeal it so desperately needs just step across the street and take an honest look at your house — and then make necessary adjustments.

Five Ways to Make Potential Buyers Gawk at Your Curb Appeal (Video)

Neglecting Repairs

If you want buyers to lose interest in your home quickly neglect repairs. Whether that’s a loose tile, holes in the wall or broken light fixtures. A home littered with minor repairs points to a much larger problem and will make a potential buyer wonder why the home wasn’t up-kept and what more may lie beneath the surface.

Without even realizing they’re sabotaging a potential sale, homeowners make several mistakes that prevent their homes from being sold and force them to drop their asking price in an attempt to increase buyer interest in the home.

By simply talking to a seasoned real estate agent sellers will be able to avoid these four mistakes.

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