The Only Regret You'll Have When You're 50.

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The only regret you’ll have when you’re 50 is that you didn’t buy a home when you were 20 – Anonymous 

I’ve head it many times before. Real estate regrets about what ‘could have been’ if they had ONLY purchased a property when they had the means to do so.

As a general rule of thumb real estate increases in value, and if not in the short term, almost always in the long term. While the 30 years between 50 and 20 may seem great right now, one day it will seem like a blink of an eye.

When you are nearing retirement and you realize how great it would have been to have a property (or properties) that are paid off completely and can provide cash flow in your golden years, you’ll likely wish you had played your cards differently. Seeing how a property you were interested in years ago has appreciated has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths, but that doesn’t have to be you – even if you are 50 now, one day you’ll be 70 with similar regrets!

Just Like Homes, No Two Clients Are Exactly the Same.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but if you think you could pull off purchasing a home (and are thinking about the long game), you may want to contact a REALTOR® and at the very least start having a conversation about investing in your local real estate market – or even in real estate markets that are not even in your state or province! You never know what kind of opportunities are out there or what kind of future you can build for yourself if you never step out of your comfort zone.

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