Take Opinions, Not Orders.

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In real estate, don’t try to please everybody – find that one person that counts. – Anonymous 

When you begin your home search for the first time or the tenth time, you will undoubtedly encounter every opinion you can imagine from ‘go for it’ to ‘that’s the wrong choice’, and everything in between. There are so many people involved in real estate that your head can spin pretty quickly.

My advice? Remember whose opinion matters most.

Some important voices are:

  • Your Real Estate Agent
  • Your Mortgage Broker
  • Your Mom (Mom is often involved more than you’d think!)

The voice that matters the most:

  • Whomever will actually own the home.

This is where you are going to live and where your lifestyle will or will not be supported. Be prudent and you’ll make the right choice!

What do you think?

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