Summer Will Come Again! Start Saving for Your Pool! - Video

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Summer Will Come Again! Start Saving For Your Pool!

The warmer summer months provide homeowners with the ideal conditions for making improvements to their property, and many will want to put installing an in-ground swimming pool at the top of their list of improvement ideas. While a swimming pool may seem like a pure luxury to some, there are actually considerable benefits that homeowners can enjoy by making this improvement. With closer consideration, homeowners may decide that this is the perfect improvement to make to their property.

Summer Will Come Again! Start Saving For Your Pool!It should be noted though, that every climate is not suited for this and that certain types of pools, may not actually add value. In my first home, on the East Coast of Canada, I removed an in-ground pool and sodded over it, painted a few rooms and cleaned the property up a little, but sold it for close to $15,000 more than I purchased it for 2 years later. That was in a market with 1 to 2% annual growth. In many areas, such as mine, government assessment offices don’t even assess pools unless they are higher value (typically in-ground pools are worth much more) and in higher end neighborhoods.

The situation in your area may be completely different and if one were investing in a pool in the southern states, than it would likely add much more value – after all you can use it during most of the year. All of this being said, now is the time to invest and start saving for your pool if that is what your plans are. Chances are if you are going to enjoy it, so will others when you sell your home. Speak to your financial adviser and consider putting some money aside each month! Talk to a REALTOR® to figure out if it is a good investment for your area.

Here are some benefits you may not have thought of:

The Perfect Place For Relaxation And Entertainment

Many homes provide ample space for basic living, but they often lack an extra space that is well-suited for personal relaxation and for entertaining family and friends. An in-ground swimming pool can enhance a backyard area and can create the ideal space for everything from spending quiet, lazy afternoons alone to hosting a backyard get-together with family and friends. This can be a true extension of the home that improves its functionality in a number of ways. Pro Tip: Before you make a down payment, check your zoning regulations.

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Beautification For The Backyard

Summer Will Come Again! Start Saving For Your Pool!

More than that, a backyard swimming pool can beautify the yard tremendously. This is a feature that enhances ambiance as well as function through its tranquil, serene water and the general décor of the pool itself. While additional landscaping can be improved around the pool, the pool itself can create a luxurious, relaxing look to a backyard.

Enhanced Appeal When Selling The Home

Backyard House Lights

A real estate professional will likely tell the average homeowner that a swimming pool will not have a direct impact on property value, but it can improve desirability. Some home buyers may not want a pool, but many will choose a home that has a swimming pool over one that does not have one in a head to head comparison. Therefore, a swimming pool installation project now may give a property enhanced appeal later when the homeowner decides to sell it.

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There may be a number of different home improvement projects for homeowners to consider completing this summer, but many will want to place the installation of a backyard swimming pool at the top of their list. With so many benefits associated with having an in-ground pool, this is an option that most homeowners should take a closer look at. Those who want to learn more about how an in-ground pool can improve their property’s value or re-sale appeal can speak with  their knowledgeable real estate professional.