4 Must Do Staging Tips For Your Garage (Video)

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Don’t Overlook Staging The Garage When Selling (video)

4 Must Do Staging Tips For Your Garage (video) 4 Must Do Staging Tips For Your Garage (video)If you’ve decided to sell your home, you’ve probably paid a lot of attention to the interior. You have likely cleaned and staged your living room, bedrooms and kitchen to perfection. But what about your garage? This part of the home is often overlooked and neglected when you’re putting your home on the market but most buyers want a clean, organized garaged.

Having a clean and organized garage is more important than you may realize. In fact, the Active Spring Shopper’s Report found that 30 percent of home buyers considered the garage to be one of the most essential rooms in a home. Meaning the garage is of greater priority than a beautiful living room or bathroom to many buyers.

If your garage has become a grease-stained dumping ground then these tips will definitely get you ready for a showing.

#1 Clear All Clutter

4 Must Do Staging Tips For Your Garage (video)

Garages tend to become cluttered overtime. Anything you don’t have room for or may not even want or need probably ends up in the garage.  To get your garage ready for show day start by taking everything out. Before you put anything back sort them items into piles. Make three piles — keep, donate and throw away- and sort items accordingly.

#2 Clean Thoroughly

4 Must Do Staging Tips For Your Garage (video)
Now that you’ve emptied you garage it’s time to clean. Clean the floor and walls thoroughly. Use a concrete degreaser and a large scrubbing brush. If your floors are still dingy after cleaning, consider painting your concrete with epoxy. Garage floor epoxies are specially designed for concrete and can make your garage floor look brand new. This detail will impress potential buyers.

#3 Organize

The last step is to organize the remaining items. Consider installing different types of shelving to expand your garage storage. Be sure everything is affordable and versatile as the new homeowner may have other plans for the garage. So choose inexpensive storage solutions like metal and wire shelving, storage benches and metal cabinets. You could even consider installing storage racks on the ceiling of your garage to use the space above.

#4 Make Sure Hinges Are Up To Code

Don’t Overlook Staging The Garage When Selling (video)

In most areas in Canada and the United States, it is very common to require special hinges on the door connecting your garage to your home. These hinges automatically shut the garage door, keeping the fumes out of your home, and typically require one on the top and one on the bottom. These typically have to be steel fire doors as well. Before you sell, you’ll likely have to get it up to code anyways as the home inspector will point this out. If you own a detached garage you don’t need to worry about this.


But the most important thing is to be sure that once you’re done cleaning your garage, this space, like all other spaces in your home, is inviting and that potential buyers can see themselves using it.