Springing Into Action: How to Ready Your Home to Sell

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Springing Into Action: How To Ready Your Home To Sell

Spring is the perfect time to sell a home. Buyer’s are out buying. Your kids will soon be on summer vacation giving you the opportunity to move (and become acquainted with new school districts) and your home will look better during this season.

Although there is renewed interest in home’s during this season ensure your home has the best chances of being purchased by making some minor changes.

Spring Clean

Clean your home just in time for all the buyer’s that will be entering the market. Focus on getting rid of clutter, getting the nooks and crannies to sparkle and shine. And if you live in a particularly cold part of the country, getting rid of the smells that developed throughout winter, as you hardly opened the windows. You should have your carpets upholstered, your windows cleaned, your appliances cleaned and your cupboards cleaned. Paying special attention to areas where there are layers of grime. If this task seems to much. Get the family involved, or get a professional cleaning company. Buyer’s will certainly prefer your cleaner home to other homes they’ve seen.

Freshen Up The Interior and Brighten Up The Exterior

Start by painting the walls, and applying mold treatments to any areas where this may have developed. Even spend some time brightening up your decor with brighter scatter cushions, and flowers. Move out to the exterior and clean the yard and the gutters. Paint the roof and the walls – it’s amazing how much better your home will look if you simply paint it. And of course mow the lawn frequently – and take out the trash.

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Complete Minor Repairs

If doors are creaking, taps are leaking and light bulbs have fused. These are all repairs that don’t require much to fix. You can list all the repairs your need to complete and take a few weeks to complete them, so you’re still able to list in the beginning of spring.

If you’d like to increase your chances of selling, it’s certainly better to list in the spring. Try to list earlier in the season, to reach more buyers.

If you’d like additional tips to list this season, we’ll find you a real estate agent who can help you identify what is most likely going to help you clinch a sale at the best price.