What Are REALTOR® Referral Agencies? What Do They Do? (Video)

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What Are Realtor® Referral Agencies? What Do They Do? (video)

The best referral agencies are a great way to find a perfect local REALTOR®.
They help you connect with a REALTOR® that is the right fit for you and your family.
If you choose to use RealAgents.com’s free no obligation service, we will make sure you avoid the worst of these companies, but here is a general break down of three types of online referral agencies:

The Bad

The worst companies (and there are many of them) simply collect and sell your name to the highest bidding agent, with little or no regard to the character or skill of that agent. These are often sites that look like they are fully automated. A few graphics, a quick form and perhaps some promises about connecting to great agents – unfortunately, since it is automated by computers, you only get sent to a REALTOR® who paid for that service. There is a better way.

The Average

There are other referral agencies that do some pre-screening and are better than ‘the bad’ agencies. They may look at some factors to try and filter an agent that fits your criteria to you, but ultimately, it is also mostly automated and not looked at by real live people. Ultimately, they don’t do a deep enough dive and may recommend an agent that doesn’t quite fit. Perhaps they won’t have a lot of experience dealing with the type of property you are buying or simply may not be at the top of their game.

The Great

You want to work with leading referral agencies that take a look at multiple factors before recommending an agent. You will likely not spend more money on anything else than on the home you live in, so using a company that takes a deep dive and actually considers customer feedback and statistics is ideal. They will also have a real live team that handpicks an agent to recommend to you. In fact, the best agencies, the only ones RealAgents.com utilizes.

They put you first. There are tens of thousands of excellent agents across the US and Canada and we know the top referral agencies in your area. We’d be honored if you’d allow us to get you in touch with them. Just fill out our online form, it only takes a minute!