Hire a Professional and Real Estate Fees Won't Seem High

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If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur. – Ray Brown

This is a very popular quote not just because of the words, but because of the truth it holds.

Think about hiring your ‘handy’ neighbor to come in and fix a leaky toilet that has the potential to cause thousands of dollars a of damage. You know it will cost a couple hundred extra to get a professional in, but your neighbor can’t be that bad – you seem him working on his garden hoses all the time!

A few weeks later, when you think he has done a good job, you come home from work to a surprise! Thousands of dollars of damage resulting from him using shoe glue instead of a soldering iron… You get what you pay for! 

The same is true with real estate. When you hire agents that are not known for excellence, and that doesn’t always mean decades of experience by the way, you can often end up with surprises down the road. Now granted, you should have done a home inspection, consulted with other professionals like a mortgage broker and done your due diligence. However, if your agent wasn’t on top of things, he/she may have forgotten to recommend certain steps be taken or perhaps just really didn’t put the time and energy you expected into marketing your home.

Like any industry there are good, bad and excellence real estate experts. The only time you feel like you have paid too much commission (if selling your home) is when you haven’t been impressed with the service – RealAgents.ca can make sure that you hire the best local REALTOR® with our free service!

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From Commonwealthclub.org:

[Ray] Brown has been a licensed real estate broker since 1976. He co-authored two best-selling For Dummies real estate books, wrote a syndicated real estate column, and hosted a call-in radio show about real estate for 16 years.