The Environmental, Financial & Health Pros of a Green Home

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The Environmental, Financial & Health Pros Of A Green Home

Going green isn’t just a trend. It is a way of life. Benefiting the environment, your health and your wallet. Green living cuts down on carbon emissions and creates a healthier environment both inside and outside of your home. While green structures sometimes cost more initially, the money saved in the long run is well worth the investment.

Environmental Benefits

Homes are responsible for a significant portion of the carbon emissions on earth. A green home has a smaller carbon footprint since it is built with better insulation and fitted with energy-efficient appliances. Green structures are built from sustainable or recycled materials that are meant to lower the impact on the environment. Proper green buildings also take advantage of natural lighting and airflow to reduce the use of electricity to light and to help warm and cool their interiors.

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Health Benefits

If you have asthma or allergies owning a green home can help you significantly reduce these. Many conventional buildings are not properly ventilated resulting in poor indoor air quality. This air can sometimes be more polluted than the air outside. Poor air quality only aggravates asthma and allergies. However, certified green properties tend to have excellent airflow and ventilation. They also use toxin-free materials in building and have fewer problems with mold and mildew.

Financial Benefits

Energy and water are two of the primary savings you’ll make by purchasing a green home. But you could also get a rebate or two in the process. Ventilation systems in green structures are better insulated to reduce air leakage. Meaning your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter without having to crank up the HVAC. The property will usually have other green features. Like water saving faucets and fixtures and green energy sources. Leading you to spend less on water and energy.

There are a multitude of benefits for growing green. Save your money and your conscious and choose this option when you’re next in the market.

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