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My video e-course, CURRENTLY FREE, will teach you how to hire a REALTOR® that will reduce the stress of moving and always put you first. After only 85 minutes of your time you will learn everything from compiling your list of potential candidates, how to check for professionalism & integrity, when to cut agents from your list and finally, how to interview and choose the right REALTOR®.

I created this course for those that want to do the work themselves, but if you’d like an expert to do these steps for you and recommend a trusted REALTOR®, click here.

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Video E-Course Includes:

  • 4 Expert Video Guides (85min Total)
    • #1: How to Create a List of REALTORS®
    • #2: How to Complete a Performance Check
    • #3: How to Complete an Integrity Check
    • #4: How to Complete a REALTOR® Interview
  • Includes These Supporting Guides & Documents:
    • 4 Video Summaries (Cheat Sheets) with Next Steps
    • Email Templates (Questions to Ask BEFORE an Interview)
    • REALTOR® Interview Question Sheet (Room for Your Questions)
    • E-Book: “Finding the Best Local REALTOR®: Expert Secrets You Won’t Believe!”

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Don't Have Time to Hire a REALTOR®?

Bottom line, REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but the right REALTOR® is priceless.