Painting the Pounds Off: Kitchen Colors that Grow Waistlines

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Painting The Pounds Off: Kitchen Colors That Grow Waistlines

If you are wanting to help make it a shade easier (pun intended) to shed a few pounds then look no further than the colors you use in your kitchen. If you’ve noticed fast food chains and restaurants generally use certain accent and base colors at their establishments. But could these colors have an effect on your appetite? Let’s see.

Colors That Could Affect Your Appetite

Red: Red increases your appetite. This is why so many restaurants paint their walls red. Although associated with romance, passion and aggression, red is also a color which promotes hunger. There will be nothing slimming about walking into a kitchen and having an aggressive response to those bags of chips!

Orange: Orange is a “stimulating” color; increasing oxygen supply to the brain and providing a mental boost. That said an orange-themed kitchen may stimulate your appetite as well.

Gray: Gray can be  appetite-suppressing color. Psychologically, gray is calming and relaxing, and it neutralizes anxiety. Gray can deter the triggers that lead to binge eating and impulsive snacking. It’s also a color which home stagers recommend for its neutrality.

Blue: Blue is calming and can make you eat slower preventing you from over-eating. When decorating your kitchen and dining room use blue wallpaper or blue paint; and blue place mats. There are very few foods that are naturally blue outside of blueberries and some varieties of potatoes. As a result your mind is trained to be wary of food that is blue. The color blue has even been highlighted in certain weight loss programs. As some suggest eating on a blue plate and putting a blue light in your refrigerator to suppress your appetite.

So, if you’re concerned about the amount you or your family is eating, painting your kitchen blue may very well help curb the appetite.

The Home Seller’s Secret Weapon: Paint. (Video)

Whether you’re a home buyer, a home seller, or just getting ready to remodel, consider the influence of colors in your home. They do more than just “match the next room” — they affect your food and drink cravings as well. Remember to use something not too splashy as you want the color to appeal to everyone, especially if you resale the home.

The best part? Painting burns calories!

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