Just Like Homes, No Two Clients Are Exactly the Same.

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Every buyer and seller has their own unique set of circumstances. – Rick Sheppard

If you work in the real estate industry, or have been on the hunt for a new home, you will quickly realize that there are no two homes exactly the same.

Where I live, we are the national semi-detached capital, and while they build them to the same specs, you can always find something slightly different whether it is finish work, colors, or as simple as where the sun sets or rises.

Similarly, there are no two clients alike either – and that makes sense. We all come from a background that is unique to us, and no one else, even our siblings, will have identical experiences or will have made the exact same life situations that led you to where you are today – and how that will impact your real estate opportunities and decisions.

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The good thing is, whether you have a lot of money to burn, or you have been scrounging for a down payment for years, you can find a REALTOR® that is perfect – for you. Notice I didn’t say, ‘perfect’, because just like you – REALTORS® are human! Like you, life happens and so they cannot be perfect, but if you find a REALTOR® that has integrity, is professional, understands your particular situation, what your limits are, your needs, your wants and has worked with clients with a similar life circumstance as you, than you likely have found someone you’ll want to hire to be on your team.

Since you have ‘your own unique set of circumstances’, don’t settle for a one size fits all REALTOR® – do your research carefully, and if you need help, let us know!

From His Website:

Rick Sheppard is an Associate Broker and seasoned real estate veteran servicing buyers and  sellers in and around the Collegeville, Skippack, Schwenksville, Phoenixville, Hatfield, Harleysville, Lansdale, Blue Bell (PA) and surrounding area and is based in the area he grew up in and lives in – the Perkiomen Valley region of Montgomery County, PA.  In addition to handling real estate transactions for buyers and sellers, he’s a published blogger, real estate investor, landlord, property manager, and entrepreneur.  As a licensed realtor since 1988, Rick has closed hundreds of real estate transactions and has worked with thousands of sellersbuyers, landlords, tenants, real estate agents, title agents, mortgage reps, municipal authorities, and various other industry professionals.