The 5 Most Popular Green Renovations in 2019!

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The 5 Most Popular Green Renovations In 2018!

Going green can make your home a better space to live in, but it also makes reselling easier when the time arrives, as more buyers take a keen interest in these features. Sustainable materials, energy savings and smart home technology are some favorites at the moment. But there are some other architectural and design trends that will change the way Americans live in 2018 and beyond. When planning a remodel, it pays to install green features that will make your home more comfortable and functional.

This list of upgrades will make your home appealing to modern buyers:

Energy Efficient Appliances, Systems, Fixtures and Fittings

It would be difficult today to buy a new appliance or furnace that is not energy-efficient. But in an older home it could make financial sense to replace existing appliances, faucets and fixtures, heating and cooling systems even if they are operational. The savings on monthly water and electricity alone makes it worthwhile these replacements always add to your home’s appraised value. Don’t forget, if you sell your home buyers almost always ask for the cost of utility bills – if you can prove your home is lower than the average you’ll add value and increase interest.

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Re-purposed Building Material

When you’re remodeling think of ways to reuse the materials you’ll be replacing. Recycled plastic can be used for roofing tiles, carpet, insulation, composite lumber and decking material, decorative trim and landscaping rocks. Reclaimed beams can become distressed wood flooring. A stunning countertop could be fabricated from recycled glass, wood chips and even cardboard. For your remodel be sure to investigate what’s available, including “repurposing” used building materials like old windows, vintage gates or antique furniture.

Pro Tip: Ask a local REALTOR® what recycled renovation products will actually add value – there may be an alternative choice that is less expensive and still environmentally friendly. Want to find a REALTOR® quickly who is of high integrity? Use our free service, click here to find out more.

LEED Certified Construction

For a really large remodeling or redesign project you may want to consider getting LEED certification, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s a compliance and rating system for both residential and commercial construction that is recognized internationally. This could be a deal maker in affluent neighborhoods, and could help buyers notice your home more than other homes on the market.

Solar Panels

Yes, solar panels are a pricey investment but they’re also relatively popular among buyers. Homes with solar panels are favored over those without making that initial investment worthwhile when you place your home on the market. The immediate energy savings you’ll experience, especially during summer are another benefit that offset the initial cost. You are looking at about 5 years before the cost of this renovation will pay for itself, but costs are coming down every year.

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Integrated Entertainment and Home Automation

Buyers today love a tech home and are looking for wireless security systems and some form of programmable temperature control. Smart features are all about convenience, and buyers want to control their home remotely, and simply. Think lighting controls, wireless hubs that integrate entertainment, trendy apps that allow control of your home’s functions through a smart phone – no matter where you are in the world!

If you’re planning on residing in your home after you’ve remodeled your needs come first and foremost. However, when it comes time to sell these upgrades will prove the most beneficial, especially in this real estate market.