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Is Mortgauge a mortgage broker?

Mortgauge is a platform that enables our partner mortgage agents, who work for a mortgage brokerage, to process your deal.

Which lenders does Mortgauge promote?

Mortgauge only promotes regulated Canadian financial institutions, which includes banks, credit unions and other established lenders. Furthermore, to remain independent Mortgauge does not accept fees in exchange for lender preferential treatment. Lenders are all treated equally and this ultimately benefits the client.

Which provinces is Mortgauge available in?

Mortgauge is available across Canada and can help you find the right mortgage in any province.

How are Mortgauge rates lower?

Typically, when your mortgage closes an agent is paid a commission by the lender. So while you as a consumer don’t pay it directly, you indirectly are paying for that commission through higher mortgage rates. Mortgauge uses technology and automation to reduce costs required to conduct business, enabling us to accept reduced commissions from the lender in order to provide you with a lower mortgage rate. Click here to view these low rates! carefully choose the partners we associate ourselves with. While we use referral links for which financially supports us when you use their services, be assured we never recommend products or services we ourselves would not use.