Organize Your Closet With Less Money, but More Moxy!

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Organize Your Closet With Less Money And More Moxy!

We use closets everyday, and usually they’re a mess, but if you’re thinking of re-organizing your closet to get the most from the space, you can do it with ease. Just follow these tips.

Plan How You’ll Use The Space

 Before you do anything take the time to plan your closet. Measure it so you know exact dimensions. If you need to add a rod or drawers, you’ll know what size fits. Then clean out your closet so you’ll have a better idea of its contents and space. Lastly think about what you need to store in the closet, this will make it easier to purchase and decide on the right storage solutions.

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Sort Through Your Clothes

Your closet is essentially a functional space, so treat it that way. Think about what you want to have easy access to, and then place nonseasonal items into storage – rotating them as needed. You should also take this time to donate items you no longer wear or use.

Optimize Your Storage Solutions

Even if you have a small closet, it can be a functional space. Optimize what you have by using the walls and the door for hanging storage, and by stacking items. Wire shelving is cheap and easy to install, and is great for spotting items you need. A movable closet rod, for example, can be pushed up for more storage, and pulled down for easy access. And what about the double-hanger trick – hooking one item’s hanger off another’s? This way you can pair items that go together to save time and save space.

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Organize The Space


Experts say that organizing clothing by color is essentially inefficient. Instead, they say, you should group items by activity or function. Pants with pants, dresses with dresses etc. Wherever possible use labels to make access and maintenance easy. Put the most frequently used items in the center and at eye-level, and ensure your drawers are below eye-level so they’re easy to peruse. Finally, think creatively. Use hanging shoe bags for other items, hang jewelry off spruced-up paint stir sticks, store entire sheet sets in their pillowcases.

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