Location, Location, Location! (Location is Important)

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Location Location Location


Location, Location, Location. – Bruce Ailion

If there is one quote that most people are aware of pertaining to real estate, it is this one. It highlights the importance of where a piece of property is located and how it can affect the value.

Take for instance two homes that are of a similar age, size, style and condition. One is in the middle of a large city on a moderately sized lot. The other other is in the country, 30 minutes out of town and on the same sized lot. If you have learned anything by reading the posts on RealAgents.ca, you will come to the same conclusion as most of us, that the property located in the big city will be worth much much more.

Value can also increase or decrease with differences such as:

  • What City
  • What Province/State
  • What View (Ocean, River, Woods, Brick Wall of Walmart – It happens…)
  • What Amenities are Nearby
  • How Close Emergency Services Are
  • How Close Places of Worship Are
  • What the Crime Rates Are?
  • What Schools, Universities or Colleges are Nearby
  • Proximity to Airports or Train Stations

The list could go on and on and on, but it is safe to say that Bruce’s assertion here that it is much to do about ‘Location, Location, Location’ is very true. A great REALTOR® can help you find the perfect property, at just the right location!

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From Bruce’s Site:

Bruce is a multi-talented real estate professional demonstrating extensive residential real estate experience. He has a proven 30-year plus track record providing exceptional representation to purchasers and sellers in the exclusive marketing of residential properties ranging in value from $4,500 to $9 million. Bruce has unparalleled academic credentials and is extremely well informed on local real estate market trends and conditions. Bruce possesses expert technical, analytical, and troubleshooting skills while effectively developing client relations through consistency and quality performance.