Listing Agents: 3 Tips & 5 Questions You MUST Know  

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Listing Agents: 3 Tips & 5 Questions You Must Know  

Choosing a listing agent is the most important part of selling a home. Having the right listing agent will determine how fast your property sells and if it sells close to asking price.

When starting your search for a listing agent to sell your home follow these guidelines to choose the right one for you.

Get An Agent That Understand Your Unique Needs:

First, consider that you need a REALTOR® that realizes that every seller has a unique situation not only financially, but in many other ways (i.e. deadlines for selling or times when they’ll be available to show their home to buyers).

You will want to find a listing agent that has expertise and your best interests at heart. If you want to take a deep dive into this, be sure to check out our free DIY Guide to hiring the perfect REALTOR®, for you – just click here!

Find A Trustworthy Local Agent:

Begin your listing agent search by investigating all of the different REALTORS® in your area. A simple Google search will suffice. Even checking the local classifieds or asking friends and family who they’d recommend. Remember though that one person’s experience doesn’t reflect the agents expertise. Get pro tips (click here)

After writing down a list of agents take some time to identify how the agents list their available homes.

Check to see if you’re impressed by the quality of not only pictures, but how well the information is presented about the homes. Be wary of any listing that has grammatical errors, or leaves out vital information such as correct contact numbers.

The third video in my guide teaches you how to do an integrity check, including Google search secrets you didn’t know existed! Get your copy today!

Scrutinize Their Advertising Methods:

Also, look at the REALTOR®’s website, and take note of how well their information is displayed, but also see if the site is easy to navigate to find the necessary information about the homes listed. There can be nothing worse than a listing that is extremely hard to find.

Potential buyers will look elsewhere if your homes’ listing is buried beneath tons of frustrating non-essential information.

Also note the different advertising the REALTOR® undertakes. The broader the advertising the better chances your home will sell according to your schedule and price. Want to find out the best way to scrutinize advertising? Click here.

Ask Questions:

After researching your potential REALTORS®, and deciding on ones you might like to work with, make an appointment to see if they really are the REALTOR® for you.

Write down pointed questions, and their answers to them.

Question Mark

I teach you how to interview a REALTOR® and provide additional key questions to ask, along with pdf sheets to print off for your answer in my free guide.

These 5 questions should help you make your decision:

  • What are the listing agent’s commissions, and if your house is sold by another agent what are the fees for both?
  • What is the agents experience, and how much property have they sold in the last year?
  • Will your house be placed on an MLS® (Multiple Listing Service), or multiple MLS® systems?
  • What is the contractual agreement for the length of time you must list with the realtor to sell your home?
  • What is the listing agent’s policy for open houses, and will you receive timely feedback to correct problems?

If there are any questions that you feel are important don’t be hesitant to ask.

Any confident and qualified agent will be more than happy to openly discuss any questions that you might have. You deserve the detailed and caring attention of a professional. Working with any REALTOR® should be stress free process, and your home should be presented in its best light, so buyers will come knocking at your door.

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