Inexpensive DIY Projects That Instantly Boost Curb Appeal!

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Inexpensive Diy Projects That Instantly Boost Curb Appeal!

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what a potential buyer will do when they first encounter your home.

To attract the right kind of buyer start on the curb and work your way inside.

Ensure your home is inviting to potential buyers. Think of the exterior or your home like making new friends. You’re more likely to approach someone and remember who is smiling. Help your home smile by spending a little time and money on outdoor seating, open spaces and color. Note that homes that have personality make stronger first impressions, so also try to put some of yourself into the exterior of your home.

An Eye Catching Door

Five Ways To Make Potential Buyers Gawk At Your Curb Appeal (video)

The front door is the focal point of anyone walking up to your house. Painting it a bold color can help differentiate from other homes in the neighborhood. You could also decorate it by adding a door-knocker or a wreath. These added features shouldn’t replace function so be sure the door is clean and everything works (knob, bell, hinges) to complete the look.

A Place To Sit

Nothing is more homely than a rocking chair or swinging love seat on the porch. It’ll bring back a lot of great childhood memories for potential buyers and they’ll be able to envision getting old in the home before they’ve even had a look inside.

Five Ways To Make Potential Buyers Gawk At Your Curb Appeal (video)

A Dash Of Color

A dull drab home will turn potential buyers away. Add flowers to the front of your house, or add a fresh coat of paint to the shutters to captivate a buyer’s attention.This will also help your home look tidy and put-together.

An Inviting Entry Way

Open your home up – literally. Creating an uncluttered space in front of your home makes the area look less vacant. Use pathways and lighting (lamps, candles) to clearly guide the way into your home. A well-lit pathway is not only visually appealing, but safer.

A Personalized Mailbox

 If you have a mailbox out front, you can give it the same personalizing treatment. Paint it, or plant it in a flowerbed. Keep it clean, functional and inviting, and it’ll add to the overall appeal of your house.

Get started on these easy, cheap projects to increase your home’s curb appeal. For more ideas or to get an expert opinion, contact your local real estate agent – they’ll know what works best in your neighborhood.