The 4 Most Overlooked Reasons To Install A Home Generator

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When you think about home improvements there are some obvious solutions that’ll instantly increase the value of your property and your home’s appearance and comfort. It may be new flooring, adding solar panels or smart security and entertainment features. But you probably haven’t thought about installing a generator. A generator is a great investment and could even be considered more valuable than other improvements. That’s because backup generators not only improve market value, they also protect you and your home during severe weather and the power outages that occur because of them.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing A Generator:

 #1 Keep Your Home Warm And Critical Electronics Running

Only when the power is out do you realize how important electricity is. If you’re working from home and you rely on your desktop or wifi connection these electronics will fail without power. Having a constant supply of power is also necessary if you live with someone who has a medical condition or you have a baby or newborn in the home. Newborns in particular won’t be able to deal with the severe weather that led to the power outage.

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#2 Ensure You Have A Steady Power Supply When You Encounter Severe Weather

Two things can affect your power supply- a heat wave or a storm. Let me explain. When temperatures rise and people all over the city turn on their air conditioners and HVACs the grid is overloaded and power gets cut. However, in a severe storm the power lines are usually damaged and the city has to rely on qualified technicians to get the grid back up. This could take days, as storms continue to rage on.

The consequences of an extended power outage include food going rancid as you’re unable to keep the refrigerator and freezer on. As well as enduring unbearable temperatures the likes of which could land you in hospital. All of this will become costly expenses in the future. Even if it may seem minor beforehand.

#3 Protect Your Belongings

In recent months the national news coverage has pointed to several crime waves that happen as a result of power outages. Since your home isn’t secure it is the perfect time for burglars and criminals to loot, steal and vandalize your property.

Consider the wealth you have in your home and the irreplaceable personal items you’ve acquired. Those could be lost if your home gets burgled during a power outage. Simply installing a generator allows you to keeps the lights on and is an excellent deterrent to would be burglars.

#4 Increase Your Properties Values

A generator could increase your home’s value by as much as 5% according to Consumer Reports. Remodeling Magazine backs up these claims reporting that homeowners can expect a 150% return on investment. Not to mention the other financial benefits owning a generator has.

Bottom line, before you consider upgrading your kitchen, installing new flooring or even adding tech features, install a generator. It’s a valuable investment and can save you hours of frustration when the power does go out.