In Order to Grow, I Promise You'll Have to Let Go of Some Habits

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In order to grow, I promise you’ll have to let go of some habits. 10 times out of 10, they’ll be the habits you’re most in love with. – Brandi L. Bates

Owning a home is a dream that most people have, but achieving anything in life comes at a cost and so too will home ownership (you’ll know your’re ready when those costs are worth it). The immediate costs that people think about are financial ones, but don’t limit your thinking to this one category.

Even though you’ll likely need to make financial changes when you own a home, such as saving to replace a roof and paying the many bills (mortgage/insurance/property taxes/etc.), it’s important to think about the extra responsibilities you’ll have as well. Shoveling the snow from your driveway, paying for repairs or mowing the lawn are likely to cut into your regular routines and habits (unless you get a great REALTOR® and buy a condo, but fees come with that too)!

How to Make Lots of Money and Also Be Mortgage Poor

Now many might read all this thinking that I’m trying to discourage home ownership and you’d be 100% right – if you are someone who isn’t ready. If you are not ready and you become mortgage poor for example, that dream may not seem so sweet. However, if you want to grow and you are ready, you’ll be willing to give up the habits (or lifestyle preferences) needed in order to make home ownership a reality.

There are many benefits to owning your own home:

  • the financial investment in your future/net worth
  • the pride of owning your own home and paying yourself monthly (minus the mortgage interest)
  • the sense of peace about finding the perfect spot to raise your family
  • And the list goes on…

What you need to ask yourself is: Are you willing to give up habits or parts of your current lifestyle, if that means becoming a home owner? If the answer is yes, why not take the first step and let us introduce you to a great local REALTOR®?

ALREADY OWN A HOME, BUT WANT TO MOVE UP? The same questions will apply to you. For many of us our first home is just a stepping stone to where we want to be, but being prepared and knowing where and how you want to grow, and what we may need to give up in order to get us there, is all part of the game!


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From Brandi’s Website:

Brandi L. Bates is an international best-selling, American novelist, screenwriter, and philosopher-poet. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Hurston-Wright Legacy Award Nominee.

​Author of SOLEDAD, Remains To Be Seen, Amid the Cacophony of Cries, Mood Swings and many other titles, Bates is known for her sexy, fast-paced, edgy style of writing.

She gracefully spices up intimacy and mood with juicy blow by blow details, while weaving a thrilling whodunit filled with brevity, taut atmosphere, and strong psychological suspense.

She’s been described as a master of suspense, plotting, and vivid characterization by her contemporaries. Her stories have glowing reviews in most literary circles. Best known for her novels that could broadly be described as suspense thrillers, Bates also frequently incorporates poetic elements of erotica, horror, mystery, science fiction, and satire.