How the Jetsons Sold Faster Than Light Speed (Video)

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How The Jetsons Sold Faster Than Light Speed. (video)

As the market becomes saturated with millennial buyers many homes are being upgraded to meet their specific needs. And since technology is so accessible to millennials it shouldn’t be surprising that they prefer homes with more modern conveniences. The trends of the past decades such as built in dishwashers, central air, energy efficient appliances and others have given way for homes that come tech ready. The smart home.

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Automation That’s Controlled

Homes that are integrated with smart technologies are preferred in higher end markets and future-leaning companies are rolling out devices to fill this need. A company called Nanoleaf is marketing a 12-sided remote that can be programmed to automate and control an entire smart home. The Nanoleaf Remote is expected to interface with Apple Homekits to produce amazing home scenes and manage devices throughout the household.

Likewise the “Talon” smart ring being introduced to the market is a wearable smart remote that looks similar to the popular Fit Bits. It also interfaces with your home and can automate almost everything. These tech devices make controlling a smart home easier.

Voice Controlled

Alexa has become this generations best friend, providing everything from your favorite music, to Google searchers with a simple command. Making it popular in smart homes.

Consider the iDevices’s new light switch which can be brightened or dimmed via Alexa and a number of other devices like this making their way into the market. Allowing owners the ability to control their home with their voices.

Automated Home Security

Besides entertainment features security offers the greatest ROI for homeowners when integrated with technology. Hence it makes sense to incorporate this tech into your home. Consider installing fully automated tech like motion detectors, security cameras and smart locks. The Ring company, among others, is introducing everything from smart doorbells to outdoor lighting. When fully automated, security can be a huge boon for home sellers.

Cyber Security Cybersecurity Device

Just like the rise of the smart phone smart homes are gaining momentum. At the moment it’s primarily prime real estate that has adapted to this market. However in time you can be sure to see homes in all price ranges incorporate smart technology into the property.

However if you’re a seller in a higher end market you may want to look into this to gain market value.