7 Fun and Easy Housewarming Gifts for A Home

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7 Fun And Easy Housewarming Gifts For A Home

Whether you have neighbors moving in next door or your friends are moving across town, a housewarming gift is a great way to show you care. Plus, you won’t be arriving empty handed at their housewarming party. These gifting ideas will definitely be used and appreciated by new homeowners.

Scented Candles

Add some light to their lives with some scented candles. They’re a great way to add to the mood especially if your friends are newlyweds or first time buyers. Not only are they practical, but they also help bring comfort and serenity to the chaos of moving. Choose a theme for the candles or a scent that matches the style. Your gift should include candles of different shapes and sizes and a lighter.

A Pair of Candlestick Holders

Besides candles, candlesticks are even more useful especially when your friends and neighbors will be entertaining and decorating their dining table. Get tall candlestick holders with a silver finish for decorating purpose. Your friends may even decide to use them on their mantel or dresser.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are never a redundant gift, especially for a budding family or new couple. Stick to a neutral, timeless design to prevent a clash between your frames and the home’s decor. Wood, pewter, bamboo or decorative glass looks great in a casually decorated house. If the house has a more formal décor, choose crystal or silver.

A Wreath

It’s these small touches that a friend or neighbor will appreciate. A door wreath makes the facade of the home more attractive and is very inviting. To complete the gift include a wreath door-hanger and storage box so they can hang it up easily or put it away.

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A Homemade Meal

If they’re having a party you may not want to arrive with a meal, but if you’re popping by as they’re unpacking nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a home cooked meal. If you’re not familiar with your neighbors create a meal or side dish that could cater for all or stick to dessert.

 Potted Plants

Instead of fresh flowers bring a pot plant. They add just as much color to a room as fresh flowers but last much longer. You can choose a practical plant like a herb or opt for a bright flower or succulent.

New owners always appreciate anything that relieves the pressure of moving and settling in to an unfamiliar neighborhood. The gifts listed here may not relieve all the pressure of unpacking and cleaning but they go a long way in turning a house into a home.