Hiring a Mover? 4 Questions That Need to Be Answered (Video)

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Hiring A Mover? 4 Questions That Need To Be Answered (video)

Trusting someone to move your possessions shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many things that can happen to your belongings while they’re being moved including getting “lost” or damaged. And while most companies do offer insurance, if you have any truly valuable possessions such as heirlooms, you wouldn’t want those being damaged. That’s why choosing the right mover is essential. As it could save you a lot time and money, not to mention headaches and “other” breaks.

The questions listed below should help you sift out any potential scammer and disreputable companies. They’re quick and easy to ask and will help you narrow down your search. Even if it is a simple Google search.

Question 1: Do They Belong To A Moving Association?

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Membership in moving associations and other industry associations can confirm a companies credentials, most companies looking to build customer relationships will belong to some sort of association. There are many associations to which a moving company can belong. Check out your local associations and a list of their members to get started. You can then narrow the list from there.

Question 2: Are They Licensed?

When you hire a mover, you are entrusting your most valuable possessions to that company and the individuals they employee. Finding a suitable mover could simply mean checking to see if the company offering the services is indeed licensed. When you’re moving cross country you can check to find out what the laws regarding licenses are for your state as every state in the U.S has it’s own laws regarding local moves. Make sure that the mover you choose has the proper licenses and be sure to double check that any license a company provides is indeed legitimate.

Hiring A Mover? 4 Questions That Need To Be Answered (video)

Question 3: Are They  Reputable, Trustworthy and Reliable?

Before you approach a mover be sure to check their reviews and credentials. Don’t just trust a friends review, instead comb through the online reviews of each mover that you’re considering before you hire them. If there were problems, how did the moving company handle it? Look out for negative reviews and see how the company reacted to those. Did the mover reach out to the customer to try to address the problem? Did they ignore the review— or worse yet — disparage the reviewer? Steer clear of companies that ignore, criticize or attack their customers online.

Four Moving Tips That Won’t Break the Bank! (Video)

Question 4: Have They Been In Business For Long?

Try to stick with moving companies that have been in business for a while. Not to say a new company is definitely out to cheat you but if you’re moving quite far or you have very valuable items being transported, a company with expertise and credentials is what you need. In addition many “fly-by-night” movers hire workers with questionable backgrounds that you wouldn’t want to around your belongings. This won’t be the case with an experienced mover as they have trustworthy employees and processes and protocols in place if anything were to go wrong.


Determining which of moving company is the best fit  for you can be tricky. Fortunately, doing a little research  and asking the right questions can help you narrow it down. And remember that your possessions and belongings are worth more than a couple of dollars, so don’t choose a mover that has suspiciously low rates.