Uncover Hidden Home Flaws and Issues With These Four Tips

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Use These Four Tips To Uncover Hidden Home Flaws And Issues

In a seller’s market it’s easy to be blinded by the urgency to make an offer on a home before you’ve adequately assessed it.  If you’re looking to buy a home use these four tips to uncover hidden flaws quickly.

Hire A Property Inspector

One of the most reliable ways to identify potential and existing problems within a home is to hire a home inspector to evaluate it.  Home inspectors are trained to find issues that the average person may overlook.

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Do Your Own Inspection

If you can’t afford to hire a home inspector don’t fret. You can conduct a simple home evaluation yourself.  There are key things you should be looking out for:

Ceiling And Roof: While you may not be able to inspect the roof, inspect the ceiling. A dead giveaway that there’s a leak is sagging and mold. If it’s recently been painted the homeowners may want to hide a leak, so start probing.

Windows: The windows should be scanned for holes and to see if they close properly.

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Basement and Crawl Space: Check for cracks in the basement and holes. Once again black mold or a rotten odor is a clear sign there’s some structural damage.

Bathrooms: Scan the bathroom, paying special attention to the area around the tub, shower, and toilet. Don’t be shy to open taps and flush toilets to double check that there aren’t any leaks.

Kitchen: Check underneath the kitchen sink and around appliances for leaks.

Look Over The Strata Minutes

If the home you are looking at is a condo, ask for copies of the strata minutes.  Strata minutes serve as a record of any past issues that the building has had and will include notes on any upcoming costs that are already identified.  Take these into consideration when estimating your condo fees and the value of the property.

Get Your Own Real Estate Agent

Your own real estate agent will want to ensure you’re getting the best deal as well. Before you even make an appointment to view find your own  real estate agent who has a wealth of knowledge and would be able to negotiate with the sellers agents. They’ll also assist you when you’re doing your own inspection.

Ready to find a home that’s fit for you?  Get in contact with a trusted real estate agent today.