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Considering only 31% of homeowners have had an ‘excellent’ REALTOR® experience, it’s no surprise 1000’s now turn to online referral agencies in search of better REALTORS®. The worst agencies simply sell your name to the highest bidding agent, no matter who they are or what their character is like!

RealAgents.ca’s feature service evaluates numerous online REALTOR® referral agencies, ruling out the bad apples. We then securely pass your details on to an agency that actually cares about you. Once your information is transmitted, these experts contact you (often within the hour) recommending the right REALTOR®, not just any REALTOR®.

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Craig Finds Your REALTOR® Cost: You Pay Nothing (100% FREE)
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Craig A. MacDonald, CEO

This premium service is currently limited to those buying or selling homes valued over $500,000. Craig will personally find your REALTOR® and follow his proven steps (takes 7 – 15 hours to complete). While I’d love to offer this service at every price point, unfortunately I would not have enough time. In any case, I’d fully recommend our most popular plan (#2) to any buyer or seller – you’ll have an already screened REALTOR® extremely quickly.

Craig has over 15 years of experience in property assessment, sales (actively works as a REALTOR® with Mac Homes Inc.), business development, process improvement, marketing, photography and flipping homes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies & Psychology, and has certificates in Leadership, Residential Valuation and Lean Six Sigma.

Not Sure if This Option is For You? Scroll Down to See Comparison Chart!

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  • REALTOR® Sourced By:All our packages ensure you avoid the worst referral agencies (there are many) that only sell leads to the highest bidding agent with no regard to what REALTOR® you are actually referred to.REALTOR® Sourced By:
  • REALTOR® Found In:Refers to how quickly you can become connected to a great, local an high integrity REALTOR®REALTOR® Found In:
  • Service Available In:Service Available In:
  • Performance CheckA detailed analysis completed to insure you have a top performing local agent!Performance Check
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:The check can include a search & review of any negative reports, articles or reviews. Find the red flags so you don't make a bad hire. It takes time, but we want you to hire the best.REALTOR® Integrity Check:
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  • REALTOR® Sourced By:Most referral agencies simply sell your name to the highest bidder, but our service ensures you only connect with agencies that handpick high performing and reputable REALTORS®.Leading Referral Agency
  • REALTOR® Found In:Our referral agencies hand pick your REALTOR® from a network of pre-qualified and high performing REALTORS® - quick and simple.1 - 2 Hours (Often Minutes)
  • Service Available In:For any homes being bought or sold anywhere in the United States or Canada.United States & Canada
  • Performance CheckThe referral agencies we use have spent millions figuring out how to ensure you are matched with a high performing REALTOR®
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:While Craig does a more in-depth analysis, the referral agencies we work with carefully review their recommendations and know how to avoid agents that are not reputable.
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  • REALTOR® Sourced By:Craig puts over 15 years of real estate experience to work for you.Craig MacDonald, CEO
  • REALTOR® Found In:Background work is completed at our office, but travel and scheduling interviews results in longer delivery time, but worth the wait!48 - 72 Hours
  • Service Available In:For any homes being bought or sold anywhere in the United States or Canada.United States & Canada
  • Performance CheckCraig personally reviews performance statisticsCompleted By Craig
  • REALTOR® Integrity Check:Craig completes an online investigation and client interviews to ensure your REALTOR® is of high integrity.Completed By Craig

More About RealAgents.com Why Our CEO Refuses to Place Profit Over Integrity

Realagents.ca – Real Estate, Made Easy.

Craig MacDonald, CEO
REALTOR® – Mac Homes Inc.

Integrity is the most sought after quality in a REALTOR®. The importance of hiring a real estate professional who does what is right, even when it does not benefit them, cannot be overstated. 

When I first became a REALTOR® I remember being taken aback at how many stories of terrible agents I was hearing. From lying, to not communicating, to doing and saying anything to close a deal. Homeowners came second, simply because they hired the wrong REALTOR®. Hiring the right REALTOR® can be simple.

Today, you can come first.

Thinking the grass was ‘greener’ on the other side, I began working as a Residential Assessor (Home Appraisal) for the government. For 5 years I learned about home valuation and felt I was able to give back and help homeowners, until one email in 2017 changed my life forever.

The email originated from head office and stated that renovations would be added to thousands of properties, causing spikes in property taxes, all without confirming the renovations even existed (and all behind closed doors). It’s hard to describe what I was feeling in that moment, but I knew I couldn’t work for an employer that was consciously choosing to put homeowners last and their pocketbooks first.

After some hard decisions, I quit my position in protest, spoke out publicly and published an article, “Quitting For Character. It Was Just Time.”, that was featured by CBC News and on the radio. While this was not an easy time, it helped me remember the reason I first became a REALTOR® and why I wanted to be a government assessor, and that was to help homeowners and to ensure they came first.

As they say, ‘the rest is history’, but it was out of these circumstances that RealAgents.ca was founded. There are tens of thousands of high integrity professionals out there and it would be my honor to introduce you to one that is right for you. My free services offer you peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to avoid a REALTOR® that will put you last, causing mountains of extra moving related stress you don’t need!

Discover how simple it is to find the perfect REALTOR®, for you & avoid a real estate nightmare!

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Bottom line, REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but the right REALTOR® is priceless.