High Expectations for Great REALTORS® (Video)

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The REALTOR® that you envision should be full of integrity, honesty and dedication. They should also be resourceful and be able to utilize the technology well that is out there in our day and age.

If You are Selling 

REALTORS® will do their research to find out what your home is worth. They will not tell you the price you want to hear. They tell you the price your house can actually be sold on the market for. They know if a house is under-priced or overpriced.

They have been in so many homes that your experienced REALTOR® will even be able to determine what part of the house needs repairs and how that affects the market value. In some cases it will make sense to repair/renovate and in other circumstances they may recommend to leave it as is. They will help you value your home and determine what expenses will be worth your money – ultimately keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

If You are Buying

Your REALTOR® will help you avoid purchasing a house in the wrong sort of neighborhood. You want to make sure the crime rates are low and that the local schools are good, if you have children. In essence, it’s important to find a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle.

They should also know what is generally happening in the market and know what questions need to be answered, such as:

  1. Is this a mature neighborhood that younger families are moving into and renovating the homes?
  2. Is it a high end neighborhood where only new homes exist and certain unsaid expectations of how properties are kept may be present?
  3. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?
  4. Are the home prices dropping in value or increasing in value?
  5. Are there new companies coming to town or are massive layoffs coming that will tank the values of your home?

There are countless other questions, but it is important that you hire the right REALTOR®.

Make a Great Choice

There are thousands upon thousands of agents to choose from, but be wise about your choice. Make sure they have experience, which doesn’t necessarily mean it has to all be experience as an agent. If they were previously a home designer, inspector or a property appraiser, as these are all valuable assets to bring to the table.

Besides all of this, it is fair to have an expectation of professionalism, common courtesy, honesty and solid customer service. They are working for you and great REALTORS® will respect you and the money you plan on investing in a new home or the stress that comes along with selling a home.

There are other articles that you can read about this topic, here, but consider using our free service that specializes in connecting you with great real estate agent right in your community. We are happy to help.