Don’t Own a Home? Buy One. If You Own a Home, Buy Another!

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Don’t Own A Home? Buy One. If You Own A Home, Buy Another!

For many people who first read Dolly Lenz’s quote, there is a moment (or a few) of hesitation. I don’t know how it happens, but it seems that our whole lives we often talk about buying that ‘dream home’ and settling in. You don’t often meet people that talk, or even consider, buying a second home or a third, or fourth…

Many people, not the least of which Warren Buffett, has said that the majority of wealthy people are wealthy because of their real estate investments. There is another quote floating out there that 93% of the wealthiest people in the world did so through buying, selling and renting real estate. This can be your story too.

I was recently at a real estate conference that focused on investing in real estate, where a gentleman who was successful in life and in his career (to a limit) had literally thought about investing in real estate for 20 YEARS! He never actually did it, because he was nervous about the horror stories that he’d heard and people that he has known that have lost wheelbarrows full of money. After realizing there was a way to do this with much less risk and much less money than he thought – he was all in. It took a 30 minute conference.

Many of us are in the position where we could purchase a home, or leverage other funds to make it possible. But we are waiting for that ‘right moment’. I’m here to tell you that the right moment to buy was 5 years ago when you first had that thought! The fastest way to build your wealth is to buy your first property and then start looking at buying another, and another and another. BUT DON’T DO IT WITHOUT FINDING THE RIGHT REALTOR®.

 While I could go on a long diatribe on why it is essential to connect with the best REALTOR® with the right experience for what you are looking at purchasing (or selling), I will simply say – make sure you get this right!

 I am not trying to sell you a house here or become your REALTOR®. In fact my whole focus is ensuring that you find a REALTOR® that puts you first and will help protect your money and help you invest wisely. CLICK HERE to find a great one.

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Don’t Own A Home? Buy One. If You Own A Home, Buy Another!
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From Wikipedia:

Dolly Lenz (born February 15, 1957) is a real estate agent in New York City. It is estimated[by whom?] that through 2007 she sold $7 billion in real estate including $748 million in 2006.[1][2]

Lenz, whose birth name is Idaliz Camino, was born in the Bronx to a Spanish immigrant father.[3] She bought her first apartment at age 18 on Park Avenue in the Murray Hill neighborhood. She was an accountant at United Artists where she struck up a friendship with Barbra Streisand. She began selling real estate in various agencies including Sotheby’s before moving to Prudential‘s Douglas Elliman agency in 1999. She would become vice chairman of the division in 2003.

Lenz left Douglas Elliman to start her eponymous firm in June 2013.[4] “She is probably pursuing an opportunity where she can leverage her brand, but this is just an outsider’s opinion,” said Town Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger of her exit.

She has been used frequently by Donald Trump.[5]