Do You View Real Estate as an Opportunity? You Should.

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I View Real Estate As Most Intriguing Opportunity That Ive Seen In My Business Lifetime


I view real estate as the most intriguing opportunity that I’ve seen in my business lifetime. – Kenny Guinn

I’ve heard it said before that there are no two properties that are exactly the same. Each one is different. Even if they are built to spec, there will be some ways that one property is better or worse than another. Beyond this, real property, takes on so many forms and can be purchased anywhere in the world.

I think that is what makes investing in real estate so intriguing, and why Mr. Guinn, made this comment. Anyone that says investing in real estate is simple, probably shouldn’t be trusted. While there seems to be endless information you can learn about real estate, it could be argued that intuition is as equally important.

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From Wikipedia:

Kenneth Carroll “Kenny” Guinn (August 24, 1936 – July 22, 2010), was an American businessman and politician who served as the 27th Governor of Nevada from 1999 to 2007. Originally a Democrat, he later joined the Republican Party prior to being elected governor.