Craig MacDonald, CEO REALTOR® with Mac Homes Inc.

Integrity is the most sought after quality in a REALTOR®. The importance of hiring a real estate professional who does what is right, even when it does not benefit them, cannot be overstated. 

My experience in real estate has involved many different roles from renovation, to sales, to residential property assessment to marketing – I love anything real estate related. However, it was during my time as a Residential Assessor (Home Appraisal) for the government where I experienced the biggest challenge to my professional integrity. I loved helping and serving homeowners in this role for over 5 years, until one email in 2017 changed my life forever.

The email originated from head office and stated that renovations would be added to thousands of properties, causing spikes in property taxes, all without confirming the renovations even existed (and all behind closed doors). It’s hard to describe what I was feeling in that moment, but I knew I couldn’t work for an employer that was consciously choosing to put homeowners last and their pocketbooks first.

After some hard decisions, I quit my position in protest, spoke out publicly and published an article, “Quitting For Character. It Was Just Time.”, that was featured by CBC News. While this was not an easy time, it helped me remember the reason I first became a REALTOR® and why I wanted to be a government assessor – to help homeowners and to ensure they came first.

As they say, ‘the rest is history’, but it was out of this that I realized my passion for homeowners and this was the circumstances that RealAgents.com was founded. I wanted to ensure everyone had an opportunity to find the right REALTOR® for them.

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Craig has over 15 years of experience in property assessment, sales (actively works as a REALTOR® with Mac Homes Inc.), business development, process improvement, marketing, photography and flipping homes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies & Psychology, and has certificates in Leadership, Residential Valuation and Lean Six Sigma.

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