Know Where They're Going? Buy the Land Before They Get There!

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Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there. – Will Penn Adair Roges

If you intend on investing in real estate and want a fool proof way to earn money, this would be it.

It is probably the oldest trick in the book and is one that we are all familiar with, even if we didn’t think about it in these terms. Everyone has heard of someone who has owned a property, all to often not even for investment purposes, and after many years for buying it next to nothing, they sell it for a small fortune.

Real Estate Short Sales: Should You Bother With Them?

The most common examples would be:

  • The farmer who use to own land in the middle of nowhere that is now considered a suburb. Land developers move in after 30 years of painstaking farming and offer him half he made in his lifetime!
  • A house in a big city where the owners paid ‘a little extra’ for the double lot 50 years ago. After retiring, they find out that the vacant lot they used for Sunday afternoon picnics is now worth 10x more than the original purchase price! This simple formula in today’s quote was why they made a fortune.

It can be your story as well, but it also doesn’t need to take a lifetime.

Do you know in what direction your city or town is moving in? You may be surprised how easy it could be to earn a big return, especially if you are patient for the prices to sky rocket. It is all supply and demand. Get the best advice from a knowledgeable REALTOR® in your area, just click here!

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