5 Clever Home Office Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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5 Clever Home Office Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Living in a tiny home or small apartment shouldn’t stop you from having a home office. With a tiny bit of ingenuity and loads of creative storage solutions you’ll create a chic office space you can actually work from.

Conceal The Space With A Curtain

Going slightly old-fashioned and let’s call it “college-dorm chic” you can close off space in your home with curtain. Doing this you’re able to separate the home office area from the rest of the home and make it a separate space. To avoid it looking gaudy use a subtle pattern on the curtain so that it blends in with the rest of the room, and place it so that it flows with the rest of the rooms design.

Use The Space Beneath The Stairs

The space underneath a flight of stairs often goes unused. This area can be the ideal spot for a small home office. Just add a floating shelf and a cork board above the desk.

Use An Extra Closet For A Feature Rich Space

Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram you’ll notice that closet officers are trending. And it’s relatively easy to create one yourself. All you need to do is remove the doors from your closet and paint the interior. Creating a desk with a floating shelf. You can then accessorize your office with small furnishings and storage shelves.

Use A Bookshelf To Create A Functional Private Space

You can either a purchase a bookshelf or use one you already own. But the best way to ensure you have privacy is to use a conventional bookshelf that has a back board. You then extend one of the shelves so that you’re creating a desk. Using the other shelves in the bookshelf as storage, and voila – your own private space.

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Use A Corner To Create A… Corner Office

Not the one with a view of the city but if you’ve got an empty corner you could turn it into an office. Use a small corner desk, and accessorize with reasonably priced (and sized) items, add floating shelves for storage. And remember when space is limited go higher.

For small spaces, simplicity is the key. So, add just the essentials to your little office nook. A small desk with some drawers for office supplies should suffice just fine.