3 Tips to Finding The Right REALTOR® For You

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4 Tips To Finding The Right Realtor

When you’re getting ready to enter the property  market whether as a buyer or seller you should invest just as much time in finding the right real estate agent as you would any other process. After all your agent is the foundation of your search. To help you find an agent that meets your criteria we’ve created 4 simple tips to help you out.


Find Out What Their Strategy Is

How much time will an agent be spending doing the work you intend on paying them to do? If you’re selling you need to know how they plan to find interested buyers? If you’re buying your primary concern should be how many homes do they estimate they could find that meets your criteria. You can’t expect them to spend every waking minute find the right buyers or properties, but you should know that they’re maximizing the time they do spend on these activities.

Take A Look At Their Listing Options

All real estate agents have access to a Multi Listing Service website. You should be interested in which sites they’ll list your home on. In addition, where else do they plan to list your property? Their listing options should extend beyond their site and an MLS® site and include print publications, possibly web ads, and even social media.

Follow Up With The References They’ve Given You

You’ve probably asked your agent for their references but have you bothered following up? There’s really no point to having their references if you’re not planning to make the calls and ask pivotal questions. You don’t only want to know what their experience was like which is purely subjective, you should ask them specific questions. Did the agent make an effort to follow up? Did they go out of their way to meet your requests? Did they add value to your search (or sale)? How many qualified buyers did they find? How many homes were you able to view? Ask as many questions as you’d like so you’re not only getting their opinion but the facts.

Before you decide on an agent do your due diligence. At the end of the day hiring an agent that isn’t right for you could add unnecessary difficulty.