4 Real Estate Myths You Wish You Knew Before You Bought or Sold

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4 Real Estate Myths You Wish You Knew Before You Bought Or Sold

Myth # 1

“The perfect real estate agent exists and you can find them!”

Most online referral companies will tell you they can find this unicorn, but it is just marketing. The problem with having a perfect REALTOR® is that they are all human just like you and I. They have lives, children, emergencies, life stresses, decisions to make, things that come up and so on – but, it’s how they handle ‘life’ that matters – who they are on the inside (character, professionalism and integrity) that will actually make them the perfect REALTOR® for you.

Myth # 2

“Selling your home by yourself without a REALTOR® will be less hassle and save you money!”

• Various studies have proven that For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes are on the market 1 – 3 months longer than agent listed homes.
• FSBO homes sell for $41,000 less than what REALTORS® would sell your home for
• 70% of FSBO have had significant difficulties during the process – there are also many more legal issues that come up from not having real
estate professionals involved. Commission fees are easy to complain about when you aren’t being sued.

Finding a REALTOR® That You Can Trust With Your Future

Myth # 3

“If you can’t find anything bad online than they must be a great REALTOR®!”

While this can be true in many cases, it is important that you complete all of the steps in finding the perfect REALTOR® – for you. We are taking a holistic approach to hiring an agent and skipping or rushing steps can cost you untold thousands and your peace of mind. We want to hire well the first time.

Myth #4

“You can still do your due diligence and only interview one REALTOR®!”

Interestingly, only 31% of people have reported to have had an “excellent REALTOR® experience”. In the same study they discovered that only 37% of people had interviewed more than one agent. Statistically speaking, there is a positive correlation here. Granted, we would need other data to fully confirm why, but it is not outside of reason to ascertain that those who put less time into hiring the right REALTOR® would be more likely to NOT have an excellent REALTOR® experience.